They like us! They really like us!

wordleWe in the Sharing Science program think that our science communication workshops are a valuable tool for any scientist, and so do the participants! Below find testimonials from previous attendees!

I really enjoyed how interactive and approachable [the workshop leaders] were. It made for a very comfortable and engaging workshop.

  • Meriela Brooks

I’ve learned a lot of specific tools and strategy that will help me to communicate my science! And most important: I got excited about the communication of science as a path for my career! [I really liked] the great atmosphere and welcoming attitude of the people leading [the workshop].

  • Ewa Gassman

With science communication becoming more prevalent in outreach and research, the AGU workshop provides excellent techniques to communicate effectively to different audiences.

  • Scott Sellars

This workshop really hones in on the most vital aspects of communication.

  • Anon

Great discussion on the most important aspects of effective scicomm.

  • Morgaine McKibben

Very engaging. I felt that I was able to get a lot of assistance on a personal level, which is sometimes difficult to obtain when at a workshop w/ people from different research areas. The workshop provided me with new perspectives on how to better present my research to a wide range of audiences. I came away w/ new tools that I am going to use straight away.

  • Serena B. Lee

The workshop equipped us well to share our science for a multitude of possible community events. The staff were knowledgeable, experienced, and accommodating.

  • Hilde Oliver

I learned how to craft my research into a story in an effective and engaging way. I liked how much interaction and practice that was done in the workshop. It allowed up to practice the lessons that we have learned.

  • Anon

I LOVE how interactive this workshop is. Nothing makes me turn off faster than a lecture on things like this.

  • Kelsey McBeain

Being able to clearly communicate with a wide variety of audiences is more important than ever. This workshop covers everything from communicating to fifth graders, policy makers, fellow scientists, and everyone in between.

  • Anon

This was a great full day workshop where I got to delve deeply into the fine details of communicating science to everyone from 3rd graders to members of Congress. The hosts were friendly, knowledgeable, and really helped me grow as a communicator!

  • Anon

[I really liked the] interaction, engagement. Professional organizers that were approachable! I found the examples of how to craft your message to policy makers to be very useful. You literally gave me an outline for success.

  • Henry “Trae” Winter

I felt the presentation was very up to date and y’all were prepared for the toughest questions. The Sharing Science workshop gave me skills and methods to talk with K-12 students about my dissertation.

  • Anon

AGU’s workshop on sharing science has equipped me with essential tools to engage diverse audience to support my work on ocean renewable energy development.

  • Ephraim Paul

Excellent resources and a quick crash course on scicomm to apply to any communications medium.

  • Anon

The people were great! I loved what I learned and all the resources available. A lot of information was presented in an effective format length. I learned a lot (more than I expected, to my pleasant surprise), and I’m excited for my future making use of these tools and resources.

  • Michelle Serino