Workshop FAQs

Have a workshop about our workshops? See the Q&As below for some quick answers!

What is covered in a Sharing Science workshop? Sharing Science workshops are full-day, interactive workshops that help scientists communicate clearly and concisely in a way that will resonate for many different audiences. Attendees learn how to tailor their messages to different audiences and make their work relatable and compelling, have the chance to role play, and receive peer and expert feedback. More info here.

When can we request a workshop? We take requests on a rolling basis. We ask for at least a few months preparation time when requesting a specific date. Due to preparations required for our annual meeting in December, we do no host workshops in November or December.

What topics/subject areas are covered in workshops? We focus on communicating to policymakers, the media, public audiences (e.g. community groups), or all audiences (our most popular option is and/all audiences).

How many individuals can participate in a workshop? Attendance at our workshops ranges from 15-30 to allow for one-on-one interaction and role play. Workshop with over 40 participants are possible; however, the model differs from our standard option and includes less one-on-one interactions between staff and participants. 

Who can attend the workshops? While members of the hosting institution are given priority, we ask that hosts be willing to consider opening the workshop to other Earth and space scientists in their geographic area. 

What does a workshop cost? We ask hosting institutions to cover the presenters’ (2-3 individuals) travel costs and to provide the venue and lunch/refreshments for attendees. For local, D.C.-area workshops, we charge a flat fee of $1,000.