Fall Meeting Trax

Looking for sessions that touch on communication, policy, social sciences, or just cross multiple disciplines? Well, then look no further. We have compiled four lists, or Trax, of sessions that that fall into these categories. Access the lists online or download as a PDF.* Don’t see your session but think that it should be listed? Send us an email (sharingscience@agu.org) and we’ll include you where appropriate.


Science Communication/Outreach

Want to learn how you make your science more accessible to non-scientists? How about seeing how scientists in your field are reaching out to the public? View and/or download the list here.

Science Policy

Do you want to learn more about how science policy impacts your research? Would you like to become a champion for scientists? Look at our list of science policy sessions. 

Social Sciences

Are you interested in how your work interacts with people and society? These sessions show how basic research has broader societal impacts.

Inter-disciplinary Science*

Interested in sessions and talks that span a variety of disciplines? You’re in luck. Visit the Cross-Listed tab under the online Fall Meeting Scientific Program. There you can browse by section/focus group and see what sessions and talks span different scientific areas. Additionally, take a look at the Union schedule as many of those sessions are cross-discipline as well!