Become a Resource to My Legislators

Quick Tips for Congressional Meetings
  1. Select a group leader to open and close the meeting, and to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak during the meeting.
  2. Ask questions of the staffer to ensure they are engaged in the conversation (this also helps you learn about the office).
  3. Always be courteous and bipartisan.
  4. Stay on topic and be respectful of their time.
  5. Share your message in terms of what’s important to the office.
  6. Use examples that are relevant to their district.
  7. Share stories and use analogies to help make your visit memorable.
  8. After the meeting, send a follow up email answering any lingering questions and reiterating your main points.
  9. Follow up monthly to quarterly with any new information and an offer to help the office.
The general structure of a meeting
  1. Introductions (who you are and what your connection is to the district).
  2. State the asks.
  3. Explain why the asks are important, in terms of the values of that office.
  4. Have a discussion about your research and the value of Earth and space science, ensuring that the staffer speaks often.
  5. Ask the staffer questions about what the office is working on and what their priorities are.
  6. Ask how you can assist the office.
  7. Wrap up with a summary of main points or things you will follow up on with the office.

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