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Writing an Abstract That Will Get Their Attention

The scientific climate is shifting such that tailoring your message solely to your peers is unlikely to get your work the notice and reach that it deserves. Making the shift from technical to plain-language writing can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. In this webinar, we will provide helpful tools and hints to make the transformation process easier and hopefully enjoyable!

Sharing Science on LGBTSTEM Day

As part of AGU’s Centennial Year, we’re leveraging international science days to amplify the work and voices of our scientists. In this webinar, Lisa Graumlich and Robert Ulrich will share their experiences as members of the LGBTQ community in the Earth and space sciences and provide strategies for queer scientists and allies in advance of July’s LGBTSTEM Day.

Social Media for Scientists, Community Managers, and Beyond
Social media can be a valuable tool to communicate science, especially when sharing a photo or video. This webinar, a collaboration between Sharing Science and the Thriving Earth Exchange, provided guidance and examples on how to use social media, in conjunction with multimedia, to effectively share science.

Creating Videos for Scientists, Community Managers, and Beyond
Ever wanted to create quick and engaging videos about science but didn’t know where to start? This webinar, a collaboration between Sharing Science and the Thriving Earth Exchange, provided tips, tools, and lessons on how to make that perfect video for any audience.

Sharing Science on World Oceans Day
As part of AGU’s Centennial Year, we’re highlighting all the great things our scientists do around world science days. In this webinar, hear from oceanographer Dawn Wright and climate scientist/hydrologist Tashiana Osborne about the scicomm, policy, and outreach activities they do to share their science, and hopefully come away with some ideas how to share your science in celebration of World Oceans Day on 8 June.


(Science) Podcasting ≥ 101
Have you ever wanted to guest host, start, or beef up your own science podcast? In this webinar, Third Pod from the Sun co-host Shane Hanlon and Science… sort of creator/co-host Ryan Haupt will discuss podcasting generalities, why podcast, tech, hosting, editing, & more!

Crafting your science message for journalists
Crafting an engaging and effective message is important when trying to convey any point, especially when it comes to working with journalists. Join us to learn how to craft your science message for  journalists!

Amplify your science by crafting a plain-language abstract
A plain-language abstract is an incredibly effective science communication tool because it allows researchers to reach a wider audience by summarizing papers in terms that are accessible to people outside of a specific scientific circle. In this webinar, participants learned how to identify  audiences, reduce jargon, determine what key points to hit, & more!

When is science newsworthy?
What makes a good science news story? How do science reporters choose stories to write about? How can scientists work with reporters when they have a newsworthy story? In this webinar, AGU’s Sharing Science program along with reporters Carolyn Gramling of Science News and Ben Guarino of The Washington Post demystified what reporters are looking for in a news story and how science makes it from a research paper to the front page.

SciComm Essentials for Successful Storytelling
The best way to be a successful storyteller is to be a successful communicator. Join us for our webinar where we’ll break down the basics of choosing the right audience, crafting an effective message, and telling an awesome story.


How to Prepare for an AGU Press Conference
Do you have newsworthy research that journalists want to hear? Are you prepping for a press conference? Check out our archived webinar with advice from our Public Information pros.

Science Storytelling
Trying to explain what you do to a cynical uncle, a science-phobic friend, or the truly interested artist who lives next door–such conversations are great practice for talking to the public, journalists, or policy makers. Science communication experts SueEllen Campbell and John Calderazzo will lead you through various scenarios to help you do a lot more than just “talk turkey.”

Plainspoken Science
Want to make your research clear to anyone? This webinar gave guidelines and insight on how to reduce or eliminate jargon, identify your essential points, and tell others about them in a clear and memorable way. Conducted by Jana Goldman of Press Here.

Sciencing & Social Media
Are you a scientist who wants to learn the best way to start using social media for science? Or are you an experienced social media user who wants tips and tools on how to improve your message and reach? We’ll cover tips and tools on effective use of social media!

Marching for Science…and Beyond!
Regardless of whether you planned to attend a March for Science, our webinar will provided tips, tools, and techniques to help you show your support for strong science in your community and around the world!

Sharing Your Science with the Media
How has working with the media changed in 2017? Participants learned how to work with and establish a relationship with journalists in the current shifting media and political landscape.

What’s Your Science Message?
Crafting an engaging and effective message is important when trying to convey any point. In this webinar we covered basic aspects of creating a science message that can cater to any audience, from community groups, to journalist, to politicians.

Science Communication 101 in Support of your Program
Learn how you can effectively discuss your program or your science within your institution and externally with funding agencies or other stakeholders. (Webinar conducted as part of thejoin AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs series.)


Working with the Media
Participants learned more about working with the media including how to prepare for a newspaper, TV or radio interview, what to do when a reporter calls, and how to establish successful long-term relationships with journalists.


FY16 Federal Science Budgets
This webinar, which originally aired on 3 March 2015, offers an overview of the president’s fiscal year 2016 (FY16) budget request and a preview of FY16 congressional appropriations. AGU staff reviewed key Earth and space science budget items from the newly released president’s request, and discussed how Congress may impact federal science programs as the congressional appropriations season begins.

Connecting with Your Community
Listen to a recording of our webinar which describes how to reach out to a community group, things to consider before connecting with a community group, preparing to give a public talk, and how to successfully cultivate dialogue with an audience. This webinar was offered in conjunction with the 2014 Talk with the Public week, from 9-15 November and is useful for 2015 Sharing Science Week from 11-17 October.