About Us

What is “Sharing Science”?

The program encompasses all of the resources, workshops, hands-on support, and opportunities AGU provides to help scientists effectively communicate with broader audiences—including journalists, educators and students, policy makers, and the public—about Earth and space science and its importance.

What does the Sharing Science program involve?

  • Interactive workshops, webinars, tool-kits and more to help scientists improve their communications skills and abilities to develop productive dialogue.
  • Opportunities to connect with a variety of audiences about their science through social media, op-eds, contact with legislators, public talks, media interviews, and more.
  • A network of members interested in Sharing Science, for which scientists can sign up to be offered a variety of options and venues to share their science.
  • The Sharing Science website (sharingscience.agu.org) where scientists can find more information and resources on these topics.

What are some of the program’s goals? 

  • Helping scientists powerfully convey the value of their work to the public and build important relationships with journalists, policy makers, educators, and community groups.
  • Making scientists visible, authoritative, and accessible voices in their community and the world.
  • Breaking down barriers by promoting scientific literacy and helping scientists to be compelling communicators and receptive participants in important conversations.

Why should you get involved? 

  • To increase your research profile.
  • To become known as a scientific resource in your community, forge relationships, and build an ongoing dialogue with the people you interact with every day.
  • To practice/improve your sci comm skills for a wide variety of audiences.
  • Because public opinion matters. The public elect government officials, who in turn fund science.

There is a direct benefit to you as a scientist to obtain and use skills designed to communicate with both scientists and non-scientists alike. Be a part of the Sharing Science Network to help grow a community of public-minded scientists.

Who are we?

Sharing Science is a network, both through our member base but also here are AGU. We are a dedicated team of AGU staff across many departments, including education, public affairs, strategic communications, and public information. Together we contribute to this program’s success and are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Sharing Science:
Olivia V. Ambrogio, Ph.D. – Manager
Shane M. Hanlon, Ph.D. – Specialist

Public Information:
Lauren Lipuma – Specialist/Writer

Public Affairs:
Elizabeth Landau – Manager
Lexi Shultz – Director

Strategic Communications:
Joan Buhrman – Assistant Director, Marketing & Srategic Communications
Dana Rehm – Director, Marketing, Communications and Engagement