Share Your Story: Science and Its Impact

Sharing stories about your science and its impacts is a vivid and compelling way to inform the public, the media, and policy makers of why your science matters. By telling stories to AGU that we can share more widely, you help to guarantee that science informs policy decisions and maintains its critical and integral role in public discourse. 

  • NOTE: If you are a government employee, please provide a personal email address.
  • Examples: • My department has helped 45 students secure solid jobs in industry and academia. • My research helps us to better understand storm patterns in the Atlantic Ocean, which lets shipping companies reroute their vessels as needed. The reduced time as a result of these changes has a direct impact on the cost of materials imported into the U.S.
    Note: if you are a U.S. government employee wondering about your ability to participate, this link of FAQs has helpful information:
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