Take action now!

Jack Tseng - fossils Photo by Xiaoming Wang

Check out the many ways to continue building dialogue with your community, policy makers, and others about science and its value.

There may be a sharing science event near you! Check our Sharing Science Events page for the latest information.

Join the Sharing Science network. This is a great way to learn more about AGU’s outreach activities. We regularly send information about science communication and outreach opportunities and resources to network members, and call on these experts as needed for various specific initiatives.

If you are interested in informing policy, AGU will have some opportunities this winter and spring to communicate about science policy and this summer to engage in district visits. Learn more here. We will also provide the latest information about participating in policy-related events in our updates to Sharing Science members.

If you are doing fieldwork, we encourage you to share updates with the broader community in one of two ways:
1. Send us a Postcard from the Field
2. Share your Stories from the Field