“Talk with the Public” Week

Science plays a huge role in our daily lives, communities, and plans for the future. Yet many members of our communities can’t name a single Public Speaking Chapman Santa Fe 2011 2contemporary scientist, much less know one personally.

Make yourself a visible and approachable local resource by connecting with a community group. Be the scientist that members of your community know personally. Learn about the issues that interest or affect the people around you and make a connection through science.

This November, AGU is encouraging Earth and space scientists to create relationships with groups in their communities over science.

During the week of 9-15 November, we’re asking you to reach out to a local community group. **Please note: we understand how busy you are, and we aren’t asking you to commit to giving a talk during this week—or at all. What we hope is that during this week you will find and get in touch with a group in your area to let them know you’d be happy to be a science resource. There are many directions you can take from there—helping facilitate a book discussion, participating in a Q&A session, giving a tour of your lab, or giving a talk.

  • Find resources and templates here, including a brainstorming sheet (PDF) for reaching out to community groups and a template letter of introduction (PDF) to community groups.
  • Listen to a recording of our webinar, “Connecting with Your Community,” which describes how to reach out to a community group, things to consider before connecting with a community group, preparing to give a public talk, and how to successfully cultivate dialogue with an audience.

If you would like to be involved but would like help in choosing a community group, writing an email of introduction, or working on a public-friendly way to describe your science, please Olivia Ambrogio (oambrogio@agu.org) for information, resources, and one-on-one support.