Use Facebook

 When to use Facebook:

  • Your time investment: 10 minutes daily.
  • Your desire: to provide pithy messages about science and/or to direct your audience to other sources.


Is this the audience you want? Make sure that you’re using the best tool for the audience you want to reach. If your Facebook friends are primarily family members or friends from high school, make sure you’re tailing your communication to that group.

Post often. Post at least once a day in order to keep people’s attention.

Comment often. The best way to get people to pay attention to you is to comment on other status updates.

Links are your friend. Keep your updates short and link to longer blog posts, articles, or websites.

Consider the “like” button. If you are using Facebook to link regularly to another website, add a “like” button to that website to help direct traffic.

More information, resources, and examples—Using Facebook

Facebook is a good way to maintain contact with a number of audiences, alert your friends of new information on other websites or blogs, and interact with other people or groups who are involved in similar research or communications activities. If you plan to use Facebook as a way of directing people to other sites, consider looking into data on the best times of day to post based on the amount of traffic on Facebook. Also make sure that, as with other social media, you are social and use this format to respond to and interact with others.

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