Use Instagram

When to use Instagram:

  • Your time investment: 5-10 minutes, daily to weekly
  • Your desire: to share images of daily life in the field, classroom or laboratory in a Flickr-meets-Twitter environment with a snap-happy crowd.


Make a plan. You can share all sorts of different images, but make sure that they have a purpose: Do they illustrate a blog post, website, or study of yours? Do they connect to your teaching? Are they evidence of citizen science?

Use hashtags. As with Twitter, people often search for topics by a relevant hashtag, for example, #AGU18 for the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting or #SharingScience. Use hashtags and your images are more likely to be noticed. Follow us at americangeophysicalunion.

Post often. Images are riveting, often more so than words, but people will look at the same old photo only so many times.

More information, resources, and examplesUsing Instagram

Instagram lets you take and edit photos with a variety of easy-to-use filters and share them with followers, tag them with hashtags, or direct them at other users, in a manner similar to that of Twitter. Photo-based social media has become increasingly popular, and much of science can lend itself to a medium that makes use of beautiful and striking images. However, as with any other site or feed, be mindful of your purpose and direction: Do you have a theme for your images? How will they be directed?

Be a #guestgrammer!

We regularly have AGU members take over our account to showcase their science! If interested, email for more information!