Voices for Science Advocate Profiles

Class of 2018

AGU Voices for Science Advocates are a network of skilled and dedicated scientists who are actively sharing their science with a variety of important audiences in key locations. This network of 30 scientists from 27 institutions is engaging in outreach across 16 states and 23 congressional districts. From April through November 2018, they have done over 350 individual outreach activities, engaging more than 5,500 people in person. They are truly advocates for science. Read about their backgrounds and outreach experiences here. If you want to join the next class of advocates, our application opens in December 2018.


Susan Bates

Tracy Becker

Soumaya Belmecheri


Sarah Benish

Jennifer Blank

Claudia Corona


Kimberly Duong

Robby Goldman

David Heath


Denise Hills

Tai-Yin Huang

Brendan Kelly


Kathy Kelsey

Rachel Kirpes

Rafael Loureiro


Russanne Low

Jessica Moerman

Tashiana Osborne


Elizabeth Padilla-Crespo

Josh Papacek

Sriparna Saha


Dork Sahagian

Meredith Schervish

Sanjoy Som


Heidi Steltzer

Sarah Straka

David Trossman


Evelyn Valdez-Ward

Jackson Watkins

Jane Wolken