Why Be a Voice for Science?

It’s important

Science needs a voice and place in public and policy dialogues, and you can help.

It’s successful

Our 2018 advocates have had notable successes, engaging in more 370 outreach actions that directly affected over 5,500 people (including policy makers and members of the public). These actions included leading visits to district congressional offices, giving public talks to hundreds of people, working with whole schools on multi-week projects, and developing and running podcasts.

It’s valuable

Voices for Science advocates get specialized, interactive training plus regular support from AGU staff; become part of a community of fellow scientists with shared goals; can receive grants supporting their policy/comms efforts; receive recognition from their institutions; and have their actions and successes widely promoted by fellow advocates and AGU.

It’s worth it

Here are some testimonials from current Voices for Science advocates: 

  • “It’s fantastic to meet like-minded people, and inspiring to meet people with so much passion [for science communication]. Knowing that there’s an organization behind us is really great.” – Sanjoy Som, Research Scientist and Director at Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center (CA).
  • “As this was my first time doing congressional office visits, I was initially very nervous, but after the workshop I felt more than adequately prepared and the visits exceeded my expectations. I now hope more scientists and my institution will take advantage of these opportunities with AGU” – Josh Papacek, recent Ph.D. graduate from the University of Florida.
  • “I feel great about this! My department loves that I’m involved [thanks to the letter AGU sent], and I love to hear about what everyone is doing and all the different ways to [engage in science communication].” – Tracy Becker, postdoctoral researcher at Southwest Research Institute (San Antonio, TX).
  • “When I first [heard] about [Voices for Science], I didn’t think it was real; before, I thought ‘AGU’ was just this [conference] we all go to. But now I see it as people leading a charge. It’s been a huge boost to my own ambitions to move forward [with scicomm]. I’m more likely to do more, because I know AGU has my back.” – Claudia Corona, Ph.D. candidate at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Apply now! Deadline for 2019 submissions is 1 February 2019.