Sharing Science Workshops

The Sharing Science team travels around the country to conduct science-communications workshops at universities and other institutions. In these interactive workshops, we cover topics such as:

  • Communicating Climate ScienceThe value of communication and outreach
  • Identifying your audience
  • Reducing/eliminating jargon
  • Crafting an elevator pitch
  • The value, and mechanics, of storytelling
  • Drafting your message
  • Practice through role playing

These workshops can focus exclusively on communicating with community groups and other “general public” audiences; they can also address working with the media and/or policy makers. We work with our host institution to determine the workshop focus that is most appealing to them.

Workshop Length
The workshops are typically a full day (9am-5pm), but we can conduct half-day workshops upon request.

Our intention is both to provide scientists with skills and confidence in communicating and to provide them with the first step on a longer journey of science communication and outreach. We are especially excited to work with institutions and attendees who are committed to using their skills to disseminate science and its value.

Attendees of our workshops give them universally favorable reviews, reporting that they feel much more confident with public communication following the workshop, and 99% of ALL attendees rated their workshop as “excellent.” To quote one workshop participant, “This was time well spent. Not only did I meet a wonderful group of people, but learning to communicate my research made me more invested in being a scientist.” Click here for more words of praise for our workshops.

Opportunities for Partnerships and Individual Workshopping/Follow-up
The duration of our visit is flexible. The workshop itself is a single (usually full) day. However, because our interest is not just in providing skills-building opportunities, but in collaborating with others in science outreach and in supporting attendees in using their skills, we can also plan a two- and three-day schedule.

In addition to conducting our all-day workshops, we have  also spoken with Public Information, Communications, and Government Relations staff at host organizations about how to best work together in the future to promote science communication and the dissemination of scientific knowledge to a variety of audiences, as well as talked to faculty members who are engaged in science communication, outreach, and policy opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Additionally, on the day after the workshop, we like to put the skills learned by participants into action. We can either work one-on-one with scientists already planning to engage in specific outreach, or plan and lead scientists in an outreach initiative (e.g. a district visit, community group talk, etc.).

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Workshop FAQs

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