Recess: A Time for Action

Scientists and non-scientist alike are asking, “What can we do to support science?” We can help with that!

Your congressional members will be home in your districts beginning on Saturday, 8 April through the weekend of the March for Science on 22 April.

Regardless of whether or not you’re planning to attend a march , here are 10 things you can do over the next few weeks to show your support for strong science in your community and around the world!

1) Schedule a meeting with your member of congress to talk about scienceTake some time to schedule a meeting with your legislator using our tools and tips

Not sure what to say? Start by developing your “ask”, an essential component of any meeting with your legislators. Refer to our “Suggested Asks” document for examples of timely actions you can request from your legislator. Check back next week to get more resources on how to craft your science message. 

2) Hone your science messageCheck out our handy guides and resources on crafting your message, avoiding jargon, and general scicomm tips and tools

3) Share your science with your communityWhat’s one of the best ways to humanize and show the local impacts of science? Start in your community! Check out our resources for connecting with community groups. 

4) Attend your member of Congress’s town hall or coffee hour and ask about scienceTake advantage of this informal opportunity to learn more about your legislators’ priorities and ask them how they will stand for science. Check out or your legislators’ website for details about their local events. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

5) Write an op-ed or letter-to-the-editor on the value of scienceCheck out our guide to writing and submitting a letter to the editor or op-ed this Congressional recess!

6) Call your members of Congress to discuss why your community needs scienceCalling your member of Congress is a great way to bring the conversation to your legislator and it only takes a few minutes. Get more tips – including the best times to call, how to get your legislator’s contact info, and a sample script here.

 7) Send a postcard to your members of Congress on why science is essential for your communityShare with your members of Congress why science is important for your community! Request postcards for your postcard party or institution from or download one. Look up your Representative or Senator.

8) Take part in AGU’s policy action centerBy visiting the AGU action center, you can craft a letter to your legislator about the value of science in just 5 minutes. Simply go to for options to engage with your members of Congress. And keep checking back – we are always updating the Action Center with the latest science policy issues!

9) Tweet at your members of Congress about why they should champion scienceTweeting is a great way to share your science message to broad audiences, specifically legislators who pay special attention to tweets from their constituents! Check out our general social media guides here and our tips for engaging with policymakers here.

10) Share why you march

We’ll be posting videos, resources, and best practices throughout the month, so check back frequently. And follow us on Instagram and our Sharing Science, science policy, and AGU Twitter accounts!